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Project Manus is MIT’s effort to upgrade campus makerspaces and foster student maker communities.


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Making at MIT

In a makersystem, local makerspaces network together to offer specialized capabilities to a larger community.

For Students

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MakerLodge is an extracurricular training program to teach making skills to MIT first year undergraduate students. The trainings are run by experienced students and include practice on several machines.

You’ll get training on one of the two sets of tools below and make a couple of small objects to take home. After that, you can come back to our spaces to work on your personal, class, or research projects during Open Hours!

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Manual Tools

  • Drill Press
  • Band Saw
  • Belt / Disk Sander

Digital Tools

  • Laser Cutter
  • 3D Printer

Who is MakerLodge for?

MakerLodge is open to and especially designed for all MIT First-Year undergraduate students, including undergraduate transfer students in their first year at MIT. You don’t need any experience or specific ideas of what to make, the training is for beginner makers and your mentors and classmates can help you explore the possibilities.

Why do MakerLodge?

The program will introduce you to some of the shops and makerspaces at MIT, and includes the orientation and general shop safety training required to access two of them, Metropolis and The Deep.

You will also receive:

  • toolbox full of household tools
  • MakerLodge T-shirt
  • An Arduino
  • MakerBucks, which can be used to buy materials and machine time in MIT shops during your first year

Sign Up for MakerLodge

MakerLodge training is for first year undergraduates with little or no making experience. Already know how to use a few maker tools and want to try testing out of the training? You should get a checkoff instead of signing up for training.

1. Sign Up

Create your account.

Create Account

2. Orientation

Take a shop orientation! In-Person Orientations can be found in Metropolis.

Find an Orientation

3. Choose a Track

Choose whether you’d like to complete the Digital or Manual Fabrication track and complete the online pre-work.

Digital Fabrication (3D printers, laser cutters)


Manual Fabrication (bandsaw, drill press, belt sander)


4. Attend a Training

Sign up for, and attend, the relevant in-person training session. Trainings will begin to be posted by the third week of the semester.

Find a Training

5. Study

Complete a final quiz and survey. Feel free to study! (You will receive these in an email, after your in-person session)

Digital Fabrication Study Guide

Manual Fabrication Study Guide

6. Final Steps

Stop by Metropolis during open hours to pick up your Toolbox, T-shirt and Arduino nano. (No appointment needed.)

Your MakerBucks and training credentials will automatically be applied to your account!

Ml toolbox

MakerLodge FAQ

How do I get to Metropolis?
I’m not in the Class of 2025, can I still do MakerLodge trainings?
Do I automatically get access to other shops once I’ve been trained in MakerLodge?
After I get trained, can I use MakerLodge to make personal projects?
How can I become a mentor?
My friend is trained, but I’m not
What if I’m interested in training on multiple tools?
I broke a tool/machine, what should I do?

Still Have Questions?

You can email your question to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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